Recycled products

Nationwide Truckload Consignment Wholesaler of Secondary Market Products to the Auction Industry.
Member NAA 101385

EPA Certified
R2 Certified

CPE Component Recycling

- Separate, clean, screen, test, and repackage

- EPA-compliant electronic recycling

- Lithium Ion battery testing, recycling and disposal

Kitting Services

- Multiple product consolidation and repackaging of products for consumer use

- Sorting, packaging, and relabeling

Consignment Truckloads

We have size and experience to source and supply a consistent high volume of full truckloads to your auction business on consignment.

Downloadable links:
CRS Brochure
CRS Consignment Agreement


  • CPE Component Recycling
  • Kitting Services
  • Fulfillment Programs


  • Efficient Logistics
  • Nationwide
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Pick Up
  • Servicing / Kitting
  • Delivery


  • Wholesale Supplier
  • Compelling Value
  • Relationship Focused